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Escaping in just 60 minutes?

in just
60 minutes?

Do you dare to take the challenge?

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Escape rooms in Turnhout

The door opens, the door closes, the clock starts ticking. Everything you need to get out of the room in the course of 1 hour is in that room. Keys are hidden ,codes are to be cracked. If you link the correct things with each other , you can find a way out. It’s like a videogame but in real life! Everyone from 9 up to 99 years old can play this game. The clock is ticking... Teamwork is very important. Think logically and you’ll find the way out! You can find excaperooms all over Europe and Turnhout is one of the new places tob e. A swift and vigerous excursion. A game that really gives you pleasure! And believe us... If you succeed in getting out in time your adventure will be worthwhile a lot more.

60 minutes

You get exactly 1 hour to escape the room. When you’re stuck , we’ll help you to get back on track by giving a small hint. You didn’t mangage to get out in time? Of course we’ll let you out.

The searching

Putting a key under the door mat or in a flower pot would bet too easy of course. But sometimes the solution really is laying right in front of you. But sometimes it isn’t... So (don’t) watch closely.


Our escape rooms are tob e played by 3 to 6 people. Colleagues, friends, familymembers, bachelor parties and birthday parties. Who comes up with the ultimate clue?

No genius

No, you don’t need to have several degrees to be able to get out. Not every bright person gets out just like that. Don’t try to think too much out of the box but think logically and above all... Keep it simple!

Can you escape within 60 minutes?

Do you dare to take
the challenge within
60 minutes?

3600 seconds to break the code and find the keys. 60 minutes tot hink logically and put the pieces of the puzzle all together. 1 hour to find the way to freedom.

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Our 4 different Escape Rooms

We consider it a case of honour to create our very own chambers. No copy/paste, no prefixed concept. Escape 2300 proudly presents 4 self-made rooms. Click on the pictures below to get a sneak peek.

Our prices

You pay the same price for every single room. The price of an entryticket depends on the amount of teamplayers you bring in.

2/3 players

  • € 60per game *
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4 players

  • € 80per game *
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5 players

  • € 90per game *
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6 players

  • € 100per game *
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Do you really want to impress with a great gift? Forget about socks, beautyproducts or a basket with chocolat or beer... You can now order a giftcard of Escape 2300 for a room or any amount. An hour full of tension, cleverness and extreme pleasure for the lucky one and his or her companions.

Escape arrangements

Discussing a plan of war over a wonderful breakfast or a delicious menu? Or do you rather chatter a bit about your glorious (attempt to) escape out of 1 of our 4 Escaperooms after your adventure? Just around the corner of Escape 2300 you'll find our partner restaurants at the big marketplace of Turnhout. It's the most cosy and delicious place to make your escape experience totally worth it!

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Fun for all ages!

Fun for
all ages!

An escape room is much more exciting than going to the local bowling club… and you don’t need to wear those crazy shoes either. It’s more exciting than kayaking... and you don’t need to bring extra clothing. It’s just a matter of enjoying yourself with a huge challenge and you’ll certainly have a good laugh. Oh yes, it might also be a little frustrating as well when you miss a very obvious clue...

Some frequently asked questions

Can all ages play escape room?

Everyone can play from 9 up to 99 years old. We do ask 1 adult supervisor for every child younger than 14.

Do I need to be afraid in those rooms?

Of course not! Escape rooms aren’t ghosthouses! There’s light in every room and the surface of the rooms vary from 12 up to 17 square metres. Cameras willl be watching you in case of emergency and if you really need to go to the toilet you can always leave the room.

What if you don’t get out in time?

If you fail to escape in time we’ll open the door for you of course... Maybe you’ll succeed in the other room then...?

Is it possible to cancel a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of your game. We kindly request to arrive in time to make sure upcoming groupes don’t need to wait too long and to lower the stresslevel of our employees.

How do we play the game?

How do you start? Use your eyes, ears, hands and ... GO! You’re playing in a real life videogame. Go for it because it’s a race against the clock. Cooperation is the key to use all the tools, tips, numbers and letters in the correct order. Cooperation also means communication! We can’t tell you anything anymore... yet.

Do we get any hints?

We’re watching all players with a camera inside the escape room. Have you not been able to solve any clues yet? You don’t see the link between 2 objects? With just a little push we can get you out of a dead end. That way everyone certainly has a fair chance and can enjoy him of herself!

Where can we park our car?

You can always park at Begijnenstraat or in the underground parking lot Warande.

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